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Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting aspect that our dentists love to do as it adds a lot of value to our patients confidence and well-being. Our dentists are experienced in smile-makeovers and cater every individual smile as if it is their own. We take great care to your specific needs and listen to your feedback to create the smile of your dreams and best of all we cater it towards your budget. Cosmetic dentistry may not be as expensive as you think so talk to our friendly dentists today.

Common cosmetic concerns:

  • discolored or spots on teeth
  • chips or cracks on teeth
  • gaps between teeth
  • short, worn down teeth
  • croocked teeth

What is dental bonding and porcelain veneers?

Dental bonding and porcelain veneers are both cosmetic dental procedures used to correct and refine the appearance of the teeth to your ideal color and shape.

Dental bonding is completed on the same day using composite filling materials that closely matches your ideal color. This material is then adapted and shaped over the front of your teeth to create an ideal shape and color.

Dental veneers is made in the dental lab by a highly experienced ceramist. Similar to an artist, the ceramist will add the colors and tones to create an excellent natural look to your veneer. The finished veneer will be as thin as a finger-nail shell and will then be permanently cemented over your tooth to correct any defects in color, size, shape or gaps. Thus this procedure preserves the strength of the existing tooth while covers all the imperfections of the tooth.

For a sample of a smile makeover please refer to the links below.

Porcelain veneersComposite bonding
Excellent cosmetic result. Made individually to order in a dental lab by a skilled ceramist.Reasonable cosmetic result
Last 10+ years and much longerLast approximately 3 years, may have signs of stains in future years
Less likely to chip, higher strengthCan chip if not well cared
$1000 per tooth, long term investment$350 per tooth

Like certain things in life in order to get the best quality it does cost a little more and this is particularly true in cosmetic dentistry. We firmly believe in using the best Australian-made dental lab, most experienced dental ceramist, and ensure the highest degree of quality- control with no compromises. If you believe that your teeth transformation deserves the highest degree of care and diligence, but finance is an issue then please refer to our special 0% interest-free payment plan. For more information about payment plan please click HERE and scroll down the page to the MySmilePlan section.

What are dental crowns?

When teeth are largely damaged by dental decay, regular direct fillings may not be suitable and these weak teeth may be better restored with Onlays or Crowns. These are made professionally by a dental laboratory and can be from gold, metal, ceramic or a combination. These indirect restorations are much stronger and so usually lasts longer, and able to tolerate more higher stresses than direct fillings.

Please note any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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