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Having missing teeth feels terrible and is not a pretty sight. There are a variety of tooth replacement options to suit your individual needs ranging from – implants, bridges and removable partial or full dentures. We also offer immediate dentures that replace your missing teeth on the day of your extraction for your peace of mind. Talk to us and find out what we can do for you.

Please note any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

  • Dental implants

    The best option to replace a missing tooth is through the use of a dental implant. Our dentists will do tests to assess the quality of bone in the missing space and select the most suitable implant for your missing tooth. A lot of planning and measurements will be done behind the scene using x-rays and cone-beam CT scans to ensure the utmost accuracy and safety. After this the dentists will then place a precision-guided implant into the site.The procedure is usually very simple, quick, and painless. After 3 months the screw or implant should then integrate into your bone and ready for the tooth or crown to be placed on top. This will then serve as your permanent tooth.

    For more information about our special technique on precision-guided implant please refer to the video:

    Minimal trauma & fast healing 100%
    As implants are placed without traditional gum surgery the recovery time is fast and painless (much less pain than a tooth removal). People often say it is similar to key-hole surgery and are able to work the day after.
    Confidence in yourself & your smile 100%
    Enhances your chewing & enjoyment of foods 100%
    Improves speech and eliminates lisping or gagging 100%
    Look & feel like your natural teeth 100%
    Predictable & accurate 100%
    The entire surgery is pre-planned and measured to the tee, which is transferred onto the surgical guide on the day of implant placement. A lot of planning is done pre-surgery so that you only need to spend a short 30-60 mins in the dental chair.


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