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Teeth can become dull and yellow over time from everyday activities such as coffee, curries, red wine and smoking. Professional dental teeth whitening can restore shine and brighten up these teeth in a safe manner.

Not every dentist teeth whitening is the same. We have trialed and tested different systems on the market (so that you don’t have to) and will only use the best for our patients.

At our clinic we only use the best and safest products to whiten teeth, including Phillips Zoom Whitening and Pola Whitening. These products have been shown to produce the whitest results guaranteed. Please discuss with our dentist to know your realistic individual results.

There are 3 packages that we provide:


In-chair teeth whitening (60-90mins appointment) using Phillips Zoom whitening gel and laser light: ($450)

in the comfort of our dental chair, your gums and teeth will be isolated and protected, the whitening gel is applied to your teeth and the Zoom laser light accelerates the gel, giving you a whiter and brighter smile instantly. 


Take-home whitening using Pola whitening kit: ($350)

we make you a custom upper and lower bleach trays, provide you the Pola whitening kit (4 whitening gels & a whitening LED light), and in the comfort of your home you whiten your teeth 1 hour a day for 14 days. This produces  a more gradual whitening result.


Complete teeth whitening package: ($700)

Consists of the Phillips Zoom whitening in chair appointment and we also give you the Pola take-home whitening kit to use in the future to refresh your white smile. This option consists of package 1 and 2 above, providing you with a substantial saving!

Please note any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

Frequently asked questions

  • In-chair teeth whitening is done at the dental clinic under supervision of a dentist, using high concentration whitening gels (up to 50% carbamide peroxide) with the Phillips Zoom laser light. The results are extreme and fast.
  • Take-home whitening: the dental clinic provides you custom trays that is an exact fit to your teeth with moderate strength whitening gels (22% carbamide peroxide).
  • online whitening kits: these can be purchased online without visiting the dentist. These kits normally have thermoplastic trays which you warm up in hot water and make yourself (they are not as accurate as custom trays that dentists can provide), the gels are the weakest (18% carbamide peroxide). If you are not happy with the results you should try the above 2 dental options (either dentist take-home whitening or dentist in-chair whitening).

Yes. Teeth whitening does not damage the enamel of the teeth or make the teeth weaker in any way. Teeth whitening does have a side-effect of temporary teeth sensitivity however most of it is short term and will resolve with time.

The best result is achieved with our in-chair teeth whitening system. People can expect up to 8 shades whiter in a 60 minute whitening session.

Results usually last up to 12 months depending on how well the teeth are looked after and dietary habits. For best results we recommend avoid any staining foods or habits (eg: smoking) following your whitening session for 1 week.

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