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Toothache? Trauma? Everywhere is closed? Call us ANYTIME (day or night) and your call will be diverted to our priority after-hours mobile. We will answer your call immediately or return your call within the hour and help you ASAP. Business hours call: 9748 9573. After hours call: 0435 107 931. With a fixed emergency treatment fee of $500 for a filling or a tooth removal.

Teeth Whitening

Want that Hollywood pearl white smile for that special occasion? Teeth whitening is simple, safe and effective. It can be done in our chair or you can take it home and DIY

Children Dentistry

We love kids! We are very patient and make there dental visit fun and educational. We also have HAPPY GAS for those that are a little scared. Try us and you will be pleasantly surprise

Preventative Dentistry

Having your 6 monthly dental checkup and clean is important to maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful smile

Fillings & Extractions

Some teeth may have holes or cavities that needs to be filled. We use tooth colored white fillings that match your natural color. We also remove wisdom teeth and those teeth that can not be saved. This can be scary…you are our main focus and we will be with you all the way

Root Canal

When a tooth has a large decay its nerve may be infected. Root canal aims to treat this infected tooth nerve and allows you to keep the uninfected tooth so that you do not have to lose it

Crown & Onlays

When a tooth is largely broken down and weak, this will help rebuild and strengthen it

Missing Teeth

All is not lost! There are a variety of replacement options suited to your needs such as dental implants, bridges, and false teeth

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