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Invisalign is one of the most advanced clear-aligner system used to correct issues in teeth position. These issues can include crocked or crowded teeth or gaps and spaces between teeth. The Invisalign Go system works by using a series of clear custom made trays to slowly shape and mould your teeth into the correct position. Join over 4.5 million satisfied smiles world-wide who have benefited from this new technology.

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Invisalign GoBraces
Used to treat minor to moderate teeth crowding or gapsTo treat complex cases involving major crowding or jaw and bite issues
Is a clear aligner system that is removable, the trays area almost invisible to the eyesInvolves metal wires and brackets that are fixed to the teeth, sometimes the brackets can be white but still noticeable on the teeth
Short treatment time (normally over 40 weeks or shorter) as cases are simplerLong treatment time (up to 2 years) as cases are usually more complex
People can still eat and function normally as trays can be removed during treatmentPeople with braces generally have to avoid eating hard sticky foods and avoid playing contact sports as may damage the teeth and braces
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